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Want to add a timer to your quiz?
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It’s easy. Just purchase, install, and activate the mTouch Quiz Timer Addon.  To add a time to your quiz, calculate the desired time in seconds. For example, 10 minutes is 600 seconds. You can specify the time limit in the “Quiz Options” page (the option is right above the “Save” button at the bottom”). Or to add time timer only on certain pages, simply add the shortcode time=600 to the mtouchquiz shortcode. For example [mtouchquiz 1 time=600] will display quiz with id 1 and add a time of 10 minutes. Note that without a start screen, the timer will start immediately. If there is a start screen, then the timer won’t start until the user selects “Start.”


Here’s a demo with a 1 minute (60 second) timer.

Demo Quiz

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