Gravity Forms Addon Setup

Adding a Gravity Forms email submission to your quiz is easy. There are a lot of steps listed below, but that’s because I didn’t want to miss one. It’s very simple.


  1. Get Gravity Forms (sold separately).
  2. Install Gravity Forms.
  3. Activate Gravity Forms.
  4. Get mTouch Quiz Gravity Forms Addon.
  5. Install mTouch Quiz Gravity Forms Addon.
  6. Activate mTouch Quiz Gravity Forms Addon.
  7. Download this starting form. (Right click and choose “Save As”)
  8. Click the “Forms” Menu in your Dashboard.
  9. Choose “Import/Export”
  10. At the top right, choose “Import Forms” and import the file you just downloaded.
  11. Now click “Edit Forms” and when you hover your mouse over the name “Quiz Results” there will be an option to “Edit” if you’d like to add more fields. You can also choose “Notifications” to set up email notifications.
  12. Note the form id number on the form list. If this is your first form, it will likely be 1.
  13. In the mTouch Quiz “Manage Quiz” page, select “Edit Quiz Options”
  14. In the “Quiz Options”, there will be place labeled “Results Form ID” to put the id number you noted in step 12 (probably 1 if this is your first form).
  15. Add the variable %%FORM%% to your “Final Screen” section of the Quiz Options. If you want the form to only appear conditionally, include the %%FORM%% variable in the %%RATING%% customization.
  16. Set up any email notification you want to receive in the “Forms” “Notifications.” The notifications option appears under the name of your quiz on the “Edit Forms” page. You have to mouse over it to get it to appear.
You can import the form you downloaded many times if you’d like to create separate forms for each quiz, or just use the same form for all your quizzes.


That’s it!


Gravity Forms (and rocketgenius) is not affiliated with, does not endorse, and does not provide support for this plugin. This plugin does not provide the Gravity Forms plugin. Gravity Forms plugin must be purchased separately.