Absence Info

So you missed class? Now what?

The following guidelines should help you get back on track ASAP:

  • Determine if your absence is excused. If it is excused, collect documentation for your absence. You must submit a request for excusal within 7 calendar days of returning to class or the excuse will automatically be unexcused, regardless of the reason for absence. You will be required to submit an Absence Excusal Request Form with your documentation. See the guide below to help determine if your absence is excused.
  • Check the class blog to see what material was missed. You can find your class blog on my teaching page by going here. All homework, handouts and announcements are listed there.
  • Notify me via email if you had extended absences which are excused (in advance, if possible!). If I have noticed you are absent for several days, I will be more willing to make an appointment outside of my usual hours to discuss material missed in class if I know it was for a legitimate reason.
  • Get a copy of a classmate’s notes. I don’t write notes when I teach, so I don’t have notes to give you. You’ll need to get them elsewhere.
  • Catch up quickly! Math is cumulative. Being behind schedule makes it almost impossible to grasp new topics.

Download the Absence Excuse Form here!

Is my absence excused?

You should keep in mind that not all absences are excused. You may miss a certain number of days each semester with NO penalty for any reason. Therefore, you are only excused for the most serious of absences, and you should use your non-penalized absences for any other reason not listed below. The absences you are allowed each semester without penalty are not “vacation days,” but are rather reasonable allowances for the everyday occurrences that occasionally require one to alter their schedule and miss class. Below are some examples of excused and non-excused absences. These are only examples and NOT a complete list. If you have questions about whether an absence is excused, feel free to email me for more information.

Examples of excusable absences

  • You were sick enough that medical attention was requested. Attach a note from the hospital or doctor indicating the day and time you visited. A receipt or invoice with your name on in it showing the date/time of visit is also acceptable.
  • You had a religious observance for which attending class/work is forbidden. Be prepared to show me a website or religious text indicating what the date and time of observance are and that attending class/work is forbidden. For many holidays I may know this already. However, I am not well versed in every detail of your religion. You do not have to attach anything for these absences, but please clearly give the name of the religious observance. I will request more information, if I need it.
  • You experienced the loss of a close family member or close friend and were attending memorial services. Attach an obituary, death certificate, program from a ceremony, or other significant documentation of your loss.
  • Any other absence for which the university requires you to be excused such as attending a university sponsored activity (For example: you play a sport or had a school sponsored trip, etc.). The university should be able to provide you with sufficient documentation of this.

Examples of NON-Excusable absences

  • Work.
  • Alarm didn’t go off on time.
  • Missed the bus/subway, or it was late.
  • Couldn’t find a parking spot.
  • Car broke down.
  • Lack of childcare or other child related absence.
  • Didn’t feel well, but did NOT go to a doctor in the days close to the absence.
  • Unpleasant weather which did not result in school or road closure or prolonged disruption of public transportation.
  • Test or assignment in another class.