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  • MA 010: Elementary Algebra

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Academic Honesty Requirements

You are encouraged to work with others in the completion of homework. However, in the spirit of Academic Honesty, which includes crediting others for their contribution to your work, please include one of the following statements with every submitted assignment:

  1. I worked alone on this assignment.
  2. I worked with the following: List their full names. Include their relationship to you if they are not also a member of this class.

If you feel a more detailed description should be given, please do so.

You must include the full name of everyone with whom you worked except me. This includes anyone in the Math Center, other instructors, friends, as well as private tutors.

If you collaborated with someone other than a classmate, please also indicate their relationship to you. For example write, “I worked with my tutor Elle Helpo.” or “I worked with Dewey Cheetam in the Math Center.”

If you referenced any other source (including websites) other than the class text book, your class notes, and my website during the completion of your assignment, you must disclose it fully.